I have been nominated to the “Sunshine award” for being an inspiration!, that is an honor, really! If I can be that to someone, wow! Thank you Linda!


SO huge thank’s to Linda at  Kerlundphoto for nominating me:) Check out her blog, she is a talented lady from Sweden and has beautiful photographs at her blog.

In the nomination comes that I have to tell you 10 things about myself so here we go:

I’m born in Finland, but I have also lived in Australia and USA.
I have three wonderful boys and grandson. Also a husband 😉
I love to travel
I paint, do sculpture, photograph ( surprise) and do digital art
My summer house is a great place to relax.
I love the sea, sunshine and summer
I have a cat, and we are getting a new kitty tomorrow.
I spend way too much time at the computer
Wine – I enjoy a glass of wine.
Friends – so important.
The nomination also includes giving the nomination to  other blogs that inspires me.

I am inspired by all the people who make time from their lives to do challenges for others,  topics that inspire me to do something new, topics that tickle my creativity. You all know who you are, Thank you! If you wish to pick the challenge I am honored to have selected you!!

Ones again, many thank’s for the nomination!




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