Under the tree

Under the tree 🌳

I love colors, hiding things and creating new . Hope this works as color therapy or just give’s you happy fibes.

I have used my monotype print and oil ink painting plus old photo to do this.

in the woods

My work combines photos of nature and people with structural layers made using photographs, my paintings done in various techniques, My work is designed to encourage the viewer to make new discoveries with each look. Let your imagination go free.

Can you see seasons, a dream, or just colors, curtain…

Music inspired; version 3

Nearly the same image, different color versions make a huge difference, warm – cold. Sad? Happy? Concentrated? I even added my name to to the side to give a different feel to it.

Artwork of instruments, the instruments are artwork by themselves, but here is one of my interpretations of the theme. Flow, colorful images that the music inspires, notes. I was commissioned to do something music related and I did several variations. I am going to post some of them.