Pablo Picasso

Colors, like features, follow the changes of the emotions

Mixed media art is a type of artwork that combines a variety of media and artistic techniques.

Mixed media is a type of artwork that mixes different media or materials into one piece. For example, a piece of art that combines an acrylic painting with fabric and paper is mixed media art. You can use mixed media techniques for various crafting and art projects, multimedia art combines visual elements with interactive or non-visual elements.

My work is a mixture of both of these. It, may have a painting and a photograph combined or more thab two photographs. What ever i come up with, I think I should label this as digital mixed media art. Or not label it at all other than my artwork.

Mixed Media- Purple flower art

I did this with an old photo and purple flower , strong colors, this mixed media artwork is more on the romantic side of emotions. With less texture more contrast . I also did the same artwork with added colors and light spots and for some reason I find the first version more appealing to me.

As always feedback is welcome. Name for the work, thoughts on what you see of you just like the color choices I made.