Siipiniekka – Wings

I had some outlines on this topic, as I have played with bird theme and  – fairies they all have wings.

Don’t they, you must have seen one – at least a bird 🙂

10-2012-08-24 - Riika31-Kollaasit354

In this photo collage you can see the variations I have done with this wings theme.

Time passes quickly – suddenly you notice hours have gone and you still are playing with one piece.

01-Hiljattain päivitetty271

Fairies, I love playing with this topic. Keeps the child in me alive.


Haaste 136. – Siipiniekka also linked to  Take a Word : FEATHERED FRIENDS

a passage from a book

David Nobbs:  A Bit of a do

There was a generous applause for Karen Parkinson. The five finalist looked extremely nervous and; despite her views on the contest, Rita’s heart went out for the. soon, four of them would return to processing feed, assisting promotion, stripping and trussing dead chickens. This moment would be the highlight of their lives, would be looked back as highlight of their lives…


Challenge:  Haaste 136. – Tapahtuma kirjan sivuilta


Odd creature

I have  created an environment for this odd little thing… woods are not always what the seem.

home of odd

This story takes place in the woods , were nothing is as it seems . The wood in the eyes of ODDs is so different

home of odd - what is it

ODD every now and then comes out.

odd venturing out

Walk’s around,  finds warmth and new friends.

odd taking a stroll Oddly warm odd experiencing the world

Haaste 135. – Ihmeotukset