MoM #107 – Behind steel

Iron/ steel machinery  was my inspiration this time.  I started with iron machines details, then added figures… and played with the images. Here are what  I was able to produce this time. Simplify…. I tried to take something away every time to leave it as simple as possible.

All the variations in the photo gallery can be enlarged to see my process.

steel face


Mandarin Orange Monday


MoM #103 – breaking free

breaking free-2 breaking free-4 breaking free-1 breaking free

 I did 4 versions on this image for MoM. Topic  – breaking free  – free from news, information, maybe you can see where I am going in the flow of creating this image as you scroll( hopefully) down the pictures. trying to find peace,  as all information coming  from media etc. is so depressing…



Mandarin Orange Monday