NF Abstract – no name 12

I did three variations on this, not sure if abstract enough, but sure did try.

1-resized 3-Kollaasit471 2-resized1


More Abstract art at  NatureFootstep Photo !




  1. I am always amazed when people post layers like this – I don’t know how to do it…
    I like the third one the best!

  2. Very nice. I like that there is a bit of mystery in your work. Everyone will see something different in each. I like that you posted three interpretations using the same elements. When I create abstracts, I often end up with 10 or more, and then can’t decide which I like best among 2 or 3 favorites. I like all of these, but I’d choose #3 if I had to pick a favorite —but that’s just a matter of taste. They’re all good.

  3. I love this kind of abstract because there is so much more to see than what is supposed to be there. I read your answer to the previous comment and I can see all of that … I orginally saw that it was some kind of church or temple but then I went on to see many other things, the most prevalent being an owl. That is what makes abstract so much fun … you can see through the eyes of your own experience. Love it, Ritva ….

    Andrea @ From The Sol

    1. Actually if you want to know it has five different pictures from our local church theorgan, a window, a chandelier,also including a statue of a man. To top it of bottom of a kettle ( steaming holes in it) – My abstract 😀 an imagination

        1. true….i think I have squirrels on the brain as I posted a squirrel on our screen door yesterday in facebook lol.

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