10 Replies to “MoM#98”

  1. Sorry Ritva. I did open up comments to all.. i thought…but perhaps I didn’t save it! I mustn’t have 😦 But now, thanks to you, I have made the changes and the comments work. Thanks for your comment about the blog and my artwork…it was done in a frantic rush (the blog) and with great determination. The artwork I enjoyed doing as we always do:)
    Now for your work, I love it! I know it is you! I think it must be my favourite of yours so far…but then again..maybe I have said that before?
    It is so dramatic, so passionate. Thanks for sharing it and being an important part of Mandarin Orange Monday:)

  2. Heisann!

    Lovely artwork – a self portrait for MOM? I have a plan for the MOM 100!

    This I Worte to her by e-mail as well:

    I am not allowed to post a comment on the blog, Lori, because I´m not a member, the operator says!!!!!
    I prefer the blog, Facebook is so messy – and google+… I am not so used to this media yet. The blog is more creatively, I think!
    I try to prepare the anniversary…..which take place in two weeks….

    Have a nice Sunday —- you, too!

  3. Lori, I was trying to comment on you post but it wont let me. So when you pop here: Comment: Looks good, the blog and your art work. I had huge difficulties loading my piece, Only to find out that I had sun out of space. Problem solved, Happy to have you back.

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