1. Is the last a foggy past? Or an unknown today? Maybe the second, since you are both still sick with flu and starting back working full time. You must be exhausted…but you still managed to do wonderful art again. I hope you are better soon and are able to spend more time on your art too. (I have gone back to part time work after being retired for a long time and I know how it feels – but I am only working two nights and a day – I can’t imagine how I would manage 5 days and still do t his).
    BTW the Dylan concert was here a couple of weeks ago (just before I got sick) and my son and I enjoyed it sooo much! It was probably exactly the same one that you went to. My son, who is 35 and a musician, came out saying it was the best concert he had ever been to…..but a little later thought maybe second…. Zappa was the best 🙂
    Thanks Ritva, for finding the time (and energy) to take part in MoM:)

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