MoM #126~Birds 2


My entry for MoM this week. Playing with layers, with fire and air… birds continuing to add elements to by preivous work. Out of this two , which one do you prefer?

4-ALL edited sixed13-ALL edited sixedLorikArt


  1. Ensimmäinen on mieleeni. Osat sulavat pehmeästi toisiinsa ja linnut silti erottuvat. Ennen kaikkea pidän sen lämpimästä valosta ja tuosta selässä hehkuvasta kuviosta, joka antaa työlle hieman mystisen vaikutelman.

  2. I love the softness of the first … it seems to allow the viewer more license to interpret on their own. The second is too well defined for that. They are both lovely though and I am sure you will get many different answers to your question. Very nice, Ritva …

    Andrea @ From The Sol

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