Take a Word Challenge – Rose

the theme at Take a Word Challenge – Rose is ROSE. I always have a hard time when to stop editing altering the image. I go on and on… well here are my roses. We are in spring so these are from a flower bouquet I bought – Rose is a rose always!Roses-4Roses-3.jpg


  1. Ihanat tulkinnat teemaan. Katsoin kauan molempia ja päädyin valitsemaan suosikikseni ensimmäisen. Siinä värimaailma vie enemmän “ruusuiseen” tunnelmaan. Molemmat upeita.
    Both of your beautiful Rose interpretations are lovely and gorgeously created.

  2. Hello Ritva! Greetings from the other side of the world (south-western Australia) from Marie, also known as Ozstuff. I love your two most beautiful pictures featuring roses. The artwork is superb. It’s a bit difficult to find the “comments” section so if you are not receiving lots of comments it is because, on the first webpage featuring the pics, there was no link button. Somehow I found this one, mainly because I am a member at WordPress but I think it is necessary, when leaving a comment, to be connected with WordPress and most people are not using it. The same problem comes from G+1 blogs as well.

    1. Thanks Marie, the comment button on my page is right under the topic. You can also leave comments with email and web page. I have the same problem when posting comments, so I use my blogger account for comments to the other posts even though I do not use it an more. i have made many comments and not able get them saved using WordPress.
      Thanks for commenting Marie!

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