I have updated my art blog into a more compact style, featuring my portfolio first and I will be adding a shop purchase opportunity to the site later on, it is still work in progress.

I will keep posting on my blog in the familiar way, but hopefully more frequently with more thought and consistent style, all feed back will be highly appreciated as I try to make this more commercially viable. All suggestions on look and the content is welcome!

Thank so much for stopping by and having a peek, you are also more than welcome to extend your stay for more than a peel!


  1. Hello! I know how it feels to have a lack of consistency and focus when it comes to blogging (and social media of any kind) I’m right there w you 👍🏻 So I thought I’d cheer you on, because you have beautiful work to be seen! ✨

    1. Thanks Diane, I appreciate your comment, I am struggling with this but I am trying to mend my way and keep trying to be consistent and also true that my work changes all the time.
      I all so appriciate your visit to my instagram and share. Have a great day! I will pop in ad visit your site with time soon. Sunny regards Ritva

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