Three Muses topic is TRANSPORTATION,  The first car( Mors auto ) in Finland was bought by the owner of Svartå Manor in the beginning of the 20thcentury. The car is my inspiration for the following pieces of digital art.

mor auto 1 mor auto




Valokuvatorstai – Voima / Power

Tänään, kun Suomi on ollut itsenäinen 95 vuotta, inspiksenä saa toimia sana VOIMA.

267. haaste

Skywatch Friday – Skywatch Friday, Season 6 Episode 22

Finland  independence day – 95 years –  the inspiration word is POWER

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Värikollaasit #091

I had some difficulty deciding what to post here. This weekend I took photos of an old Anglia, barn in the country, plants that still bloom, plants fading  and red currants in jars…

I think the top one is is closest in colors?

More variations on these colors under the sample