Celebrating Pattern(s) !

This was great timing,  I have been doing this pattern art, not posting them yet…I’ve used stripes, squares, circles – trying to do some abstract art also.

Patchwork got me started… 🙂

1-she art stripes Squares stripes circles circle & web web

Collage Obsession is Celebrating Pattern(s) ! check them out!

Renaissance Woman

Renaissance Woman1
Renaissance Woman
Renaissance Women, she is “someone who sets her own agenda for personal achievement and will not allow herself to be manipulated or intimidated by self-proclaimed spokesmen who try and wrap their political philosophies around terms like “equality,” “choice,” “peace,” “tolerance” and “diversity.” She understands that she has been created for such a time as this and embraces her destiny as a challenge and not a curse, no matter what her personal circumstances. She is a winner not a whiner, a leader not a follower, a victor, not a victim.”

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A Color Challenge–Purple!

Ah, purple, the color of royalty–and known by many names–lavender, lilac, mauve,periwinkle, plum, violet, amethyst, heliotrope, magenta, mulberry, orchid, pomegranate,wines, blue-violet, bluish red, reddish blue

Purple statue SONY DSC 1-purple3 purple purple

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A Color Challenge–Purple!