Market place in Riga

The market place is clearly meant  for the locals, they shop their fruits and vegetables there.Flowers to put on the table… Meat & fish market are also located in the area. Not to forget the clothing and shoes, all this and more was found at the market place behind the bus station.

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JOTAIN, MISTÄ ET PIDÄ. Something, that you don’t like

JOTAIN, MISTÄ ET PIDÄ –  Epäjärjestys

Something, that you don’t like

First came to my mind was people, what people do – wars, fights, drugs..something big.

I live in a world  that is that I do not encounter these daily – lucky me. I know they are nearer than I would like, but…

Instead I chose a quality in me that I do not like, but am not able to change ( I have tried).


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