Looking for shelter

For the first time in a long time – I am quite happy with my work. So, of course,  I got carried away with color versions and interpretations if it…the dirrerent colors alter the tone of the story…My thought in the beginning was – home, shelter, dream, fairies. winter, summer…..

I am so bad at naming my work. Maybe you could suggest a name? We all see this differently and as I try to create a story in my art,  but  I would also like you to see your story in it. What do you see?

dark red

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MakroTex – Muru / Crumb

Makroviikko 82

Muru word has many meanings in finnish – a crumb, small piece or small amount. Or scintilla, trace, ,crumb, whit, sweetheart, honey, grain, piece, dab,

Small amount of

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Three Muses – Hat

Three Muses – Hat

This a pastel painting (80 x 60 cm) I’ve done about a year ago, Lost – well , it has a lady with a hat.

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