Collage Obsession – Darkness


It’s the darkest season in the Northern hemisphere. Here in Southern Finland we have about 5 hours of daylight, in the most Northern Finland (Lapland) the sun doesn’t rise at all until February. So we have to survive this darkness somehow… How do you feel when it’s dark? Are you scared and afraid, or do you like darkness – candlelight and romance. Does darkness make your imagination work?

This what often happens in darkness…



  1. The dark night of the soul. Looking within for answers. Awake in the darkness. Wondering..and gradually perceiving the subtle colours and light glowing in a blackness that at first seemed impenetrable. A thought-provoking image you’ve created.

  2. Your piece is really enchanted and enigmatic – just as darkness itself is hard to define. What is she thinking, hearing, seeing? Great art, Ritva!

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