Take a Word Challenge – PINK – Pretty in Pink

Take a Word Challenge – PINK – Pretty in Pink  MORE , much more PINK  at the link

I did several version of this, the last one is I started with…Hope you enjoy them



I also shared this at http://inspiration-avenue-team.blogspot.fi/ and http://artistsinblogland.blogspot.fi/


  1. I would say that you too have been very creative lately Ritva – although more consistently than me:) Beautiful and interesting work – as always:) The colour in the last one is magical!

    1. I was away on holiday in Canada and US – got inspired. Now I have 6000 photos to go through. I was Away from the blog for 5 weeks…so rest did me good.
      Next trip is planned for Australia – lots of inspiration to find there too

  2. I love seeing the layering in this. I like seeing how the detail is transformed in each successive piece. So glad you shared it for our Show and Tell this week!

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