Mandarin Orange Monday 99

Angel Angel 2 soft angel

These photo-collages are done from photos I took of The Espoo Cathedral, the pictures of the church can be seen at: and two post after it if interested.

More at Mandarin Orange Monday 99


  1. My favourite is the last one..she is a bit more mysterious….an illusion really? 🙂 Beautiful work Ritva. Thanks for sharing on MoM. What you said in your comment about your husband does also apply to mine:)
    BTW I think i have fixed the comments on LorikArt. Now Ihave to decide…a trip up to see the snow or fix it a bit more??

  2. I can’t seem to make up my mind which one I like the best … that must mean I like them both … of course the original is powerful by itself and then you improved on it. Very nice Ritva …

    Andrea @ From the Sol

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