Girl at the window

I have not been very active lately with my mixedmedia artworks, a case of self-doubt, who cares, these are clear signs of winter for me. I seem to loose inspiration as the days get shorter. Nothing gets done…

Well here is one I did manage to get done. A girl from the window. Hope you like it

Mixed media art is a type of artwork that combines a variety of media and artistic techniques.

Mixed media is a type of artwork that mixes different media or materials into one piece. My work, may have a painting and a photograph combined or more than two photographs or tectures. What ever I come up with, I think I should label this as digital mixed media art. Or not label it at all other than my artwork.


  1. I have just recently began doing the same thing prior to this it was just painting and so I’m very impressed with your work and excited to see more

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