Lizard 🦎

I get really exited about things, after I’ve found it, then I do lots of “art” with the same technique. Now, as I started playing with Photoshop, I have worked on some of my old photos, this is a shot of a lizard 🦎 I saw and was able to capture on “film” I have not really lost the subject in this, but I like it enought to share it, three versions. Which do you prefer, if any?

Lizard in B&W

I have o idea if anyone likes these, but I am having fun!

More creative…

Mixed media – circle

These three color versions of circles, are the most vibrant ones that I did. There are lots of circles and colors in the background, the pattern is rather busy, maybe too much so. This is a like children’s challenge tp draw as may circles as you can 😂. I am trying to find a balance, still clearly a work in progress. I am always interested how the color variation of work, changes the mood of a artwork, even in these more graphic designs.

I am trying to do something differently, using more visible lines and shapes. Graphic design. These are my attempts to be creative in a new way, learn new. It is so easy to stay in the lane you are most comfortable with one you have reached a certain level of experience and style. Feel confident in.