Sunset at the pier

Little bit different approach to this one. Naples Pier was the inspiration to this one and sunset always gives positive vibes to me at least. I have given more room for the painting in this piece, colors in blocks rather that smaller details.

Mixed media – photo and acrylic painting with some editing to finish it.

Ink Oil Paintings

As I have tried to stay away from the computer and monitor, due to the light being so bright for my eye at the moment, eye saving mode makes it so yellow that there is no point playing with my photos.

My very first attempt at oil ink painting

I have been trying to learn a new technique – oil ink painting. Abstract Art. It is so much fun, but harder than I thought. I tend to put too much color in them, I do like colors 🙂 . Well I have only tried 5 papers, so it is to say that I hardly have any experience. Simplicity it the the key here too, which I have not yet learned.

Here are some of my attempts 🙂 for your enjoyment or not. I am still sharing!

touch of underwater

Green of November continue, underwater world, fish , movement corals…what ever your imagination can see.