See the image evolve

I love playing with images, adding layer by layer to it, mostly I look at colors and what I can bring into the art with it. From stylish to a Christmas wish, to a world turned sideways.

My Mixed media art uses photos as the building blocks and I start the color play further in the editing process. I might still edit these, but here you can see how an idea starts to grow. Any thoughts, should I keep it simple or just keep on playing around.

Style and color,

Window shopping at Louis Vuitton

What a dish… ( Herkku)

Mixed media – Photographic memories

Photographic memory is the ability to recall a past scene in detail with great accuracy – just like a photograph. Although many people claim that they have it, we still don’t have proof that it actually exists.

Old photos on the back of your memory

The memories are often colored with colored lences…what is true what is your interpretation of what you believe in.