Mixed media -birds

I don’t what else to say about my work, so I repeat the obvious it combines photos of nature and people with structural layers made using photographs, my paintings done in various techniques, My work is designed to encourage the viewer to make new discoveries with each look. Let your imagination go free.

NF Abstract 79 and NF Dam 6- Flight in blue

A photograph of swans flying above me was the starting point. I started to soften it… and so on.I added more birds as contrast. I find it so hard to stop when I get started. Here are six takes on flying birds. I hope you enjoy them, I had fun doing them. I think I’m going to start a fabric design venture, I think the last two would make a nice prints,  do you agree?

Birds 3 Birds Flying swans (2) Birds Birds in red sky Flying swans (1)

NF Abstract 79 and NF Dam 6-  Flight of birds