Fireworks to a rabbit?

I get really exited about things, after I’ve found it, then I do lots of “art” with the same technique. Now, as I started playing with Photoshop, I have worked on some of my old photos, these two are actually from a shot I took of fireworks at new year. There is not much left of the original photo, that for sure,

View behind a wet window…?

I have o idea if anyone likes these, but I am having fun!

flying high

I am on a roll, creative like a little child. Creating art from my photos, with no plan, going with the flow, obviously with lots of color. If nothing else, that is what my style is, colorful, playful.

Hight in the sky

Mixed media – circle

These three color versions of circles, are the most vibrant ones that I did. There are lots of circles and colors in the background, the pattern is rather busy, maybe too much so. This is a like children’s challenge tp draw as may circles as you can 😂. I am trying to find a balance, still clearly a work in progress. I am always interested how the color variation of work, changes the mood of a artwork, even in these more graphic designs.

I am trying to do something differently, using more visible lines and shapes. Graphic design. These are my attempts to be creative in a new way, learn new. It is so easy to stay in the lane you are most comfortable with one you have reached a certain level of experience and style. Feel confident in.