The church of Nastola

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Wooden church

Cruciform church of the Lutheran parish, built in 1804. The parish itself was founded in 1860. The church is located next to the old market square, together with the Municipal hall standing on the opposing side.

Mandarin Orange Monday 55

Immilä Watermill

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The village of Immilä has a traditional mill site. The oldest written proof of this comes from the year 1548. The first sawmill in Immilä was constructed around 1760. Several mills running there contemporaneously were owned by the local villages of Immilä and Uusikylä together with two large mansions, Arrajoki and Toivonoja. Also other services such as an inn, a blacksmith’s forge and many other different craftsmen found their place in the neighbourhood.

Even in 1950 there were still three watermills and two sawmills in use. Then rural life changed rapidly. Although the oldest power plant of Nastola became functional here as early as 1903, it was only in 1950 when proper electricity network was established. This new energy form along with better transport facilities was the end of the traditional milling industry and mills closed down one after another.

The old Immilä village watermill was restored in 1997 – 1999 and is open daily for visitors June, July and August.