Looking for shelter

For the first time in a long time – I am quite happy with my work. So, of course,  I got carried away with color versions and interpretations if it…the dirrerent colors alter the tone of the story…My thought in the beginning was – home, shelter, dream, fairies. winter, summer…..

I am so bad at naming my work. Maybe you could suggest a name? We all see this differently and as I try to create a story in my art,  but  I would also like you to see your story in it. What do you see?

dark red



  1. Todella onnistunut työ, punainen väreistä paras. Nimen keksiminen työlle on vaikeaa, jotta se kuvaisi oikein tuota hienoa tunnelmaa kuvassa! Jotain suojaan liittyvää minäkin ajattelin.

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