Mandala – Energy boost for winter

Mandala 32 – Varavoima-mandala

Travels and wheel of memories travels

These always require some thought – I am taking with me all that I’ve done this summer as an asset to carry me through the dark winter. my travels, sun, nature, people and pets…the joy  from seeing and experiencing new things. Hope you are able to pick up some of my thoughts from this…



Mandala – your stonehedge

mandala Stonehedge

Mandala 31. haasteena on, että etsit ja teet oman STONEHENGESI,eli oman henkisen paikkasi, pyhän paikkasi, hiljentymispaikkasi.

Mandala 31 The challenge is that you look and find your own your intellectual place, the holy place and you make your own Stonehenge or , place of silence.

I find piece by the sea – rock,  woods and trees …sound of the wave hitting the stones, wind blowing in the trees. I found this intriguing so once again I would not be able to do just one, here are variations of the challenge. Hope you are able to see a what I wish you to see – peace.

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Mandala – May

Mandala 27

May is full of green, blooming flowers, light and hope. Here is my May Mandalas, more can be found in the link above.

Also I have posted a version of this to collage Obsession choose ONE word


May Mandala May Mandala


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