Mandala 36 – Matkalla – on a journey

2-2012-08-24 - Riika1

The idea was basically: I wish I could fly south like the birds in the fall

I made 6 versions of this, and to spare you I decided to share these two

Lassi Nummen Runo

”On koivikko, miltei liikkumaton, oksat paljaina
aamun hämärässä.
On nurmi, heinää. Minä lähden kulkemaan.
On pakko. Aina uudelleen, minä olen matkalla
en tiedä, olenko koskaan perillä
olen matkalla niityn yli”.
Free translation of poetry from Lassi Nummi
“There is a birch grove, almost motionless, bare branches
in the dusk of the morning .
There is a grass, hay. I’m going on a journey.
I have to. Again and again, I’m on the way
I do not know,  if I am ever to reach my destination
i am on my way over the meadow. “

Mandala 36

Mandala – Energy boost for winter

Mandala 32 – Varavoima-mandala

Travels and wheel of memories travels

These always require some thought – I am taking with me all that I’ve done this summer as an asset to carry me through the dark winter. my travels, sun, nature, people and pets…the joy  from seeing and experiencing new things. Hope you are able to pick up some of my thoughts from this…