Romantiikka – Romance

129. haaste – romantiikka

Romanticism emphasized emotion, imagination and freedom. It emphasized the importance of nature and the language of the arts. The Romantic period was particularly interested in the spirit world, phantasms, the dark side of the human soul and the other “unusual” phenomenons. Heroic individual achievements were admired. ”

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Mandala 16 – sitä en unohda koskaan / something I’ll never forget

Mandala  about –  something I’ll never forget

This first is about something that happened to me when I was a young girl living in Australia.The beach was full of people, the waves too strong so that you could swim there, but the joy of jumping in the waves! I felt a strong wave take me abruptly on a ride, it pulled the sand  from under my feet and pulled me towards the open sea.The panic I felt before I was pulled back by a helping hand, my sister got the hold of me before I was too far away. This moment did not last long, but left a lasting impression and a respect for the natures force.

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