Mandala 16 – sitä en unohda koskaan / something I’ll never forget

Mandala  about –  something I’ll never forget

This first is about something that happened to me when I was a young girl living in Australia.The beach was full of people, the waves too strong so that you could swim there, but the joy of jumping in the waves! I felt a strong wave take me abruptly on a ride, it pulled the sand  from under my feet and pulled me towards the open sea.The panic I felt before I was pulled back by a helping hand, my sister got the hold of me before I was too far away. This moment did not last long, but left a lasting impression and a respect for the natures force.

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Mandala 7 – free choice

The theme was free. I’m a bit ahead of time…

My mind was on the full moon we have had ..summer, romance, sweethearts – and weddings.

All that on my mind I did these two Mandala’s, but could not decide which was my favourite,  so – here they are both versions.
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